About Me

About me pages are AWKWARD

How do I sum up in one page, who I am and what I do without making it all about me? I know, I know that’s the point of an about me page… well actually it’s not. It’s about you checking me out and you finding out if there is something in my story that resonates enough with you to want to work with me as your coach, right?

Okay so now that we are clear on why you are here and why I’m writing this, I can cut the BS and just be totally honest with you about why you want to work with me :-)


I’m a certified Life Coach and Health Coach. I have my life coaching certification from The Bulletproof Training Institute and my Health Coaching Certification from The Institute for Integrative Nutrition. I am also currently studying with The Robbins-Maddanes Institute for Life Coaching – Robbins as in Tony Robbins, yeah, that guy!

I’ve been helping women transform their health and mindset for the last 4 years and I’ve gotten pretty damn good at it – don’t take my word for it, you can read and watch some testimonials here

I work with women all over the world to help them end emotional eating, deal with mindset + internal issues that are keeping them stuck in life and discover the greatness they have within them. I also run online health + fitness groups to help women see the changes they want in their body + health by working primarily on their mindset. My style is passionate, straight forward and no nonsense. You want change? You’re going to have to go all in, but if you do that I will help you burst open all that awesomeness inside of you and we’ll have a whole lot of fun doing it

It’s quite funny to me that this is what I do for a living because just a few short years ago, I would be the LAST person on the planet you would expect to be doing said above. Why?

Because before I was 21 I had more health conditions than most people have in their entire life. I had glandular fever, chronic fatigue, thyroid disorder, anxiety disorder, hormone problems (in the form of a cyst the size of a grapefruit on my ovary) AND I was 25 pounds overweight! I had tried EVERYTHING on the planet to lose weight (diet pills, programs, personal trainers), to heal myself and to have a new reality to the one I found myself in but NOTHING was working! I was told that would be my life and I would be on medication for the remainder of it.

I felt SO tired, hopeless and stuck. I was in despair and I felt trapped, confused and suicidal. I thought if this is my life, what in the world is the point of living it. But at the same time I had a thought, lying on the couch crying my little heart out ‘there’s got to me more, I can’t just settle’. I had an inkling on the inside of me that there must be more than the morbid diagnosis the Dr’s had given me.

I decided my health (and my life!) were worth fighting for and that was the decision that really changed everything for me. I started learning everything I could about nutrition, healing myself with food, the power of the emotions and the mind and amazing things started to happen!

At 19.jpg

Over the space of a few years, I healed myself from every single health condition (both physical and mental), I put an end to my emotional eating, found food freedom and as a result I lost 25 pounds in the process. I decided I had to share my findings with the world, with people just like you and I got certified as a health + life coach. I thought if I could save one woman the thousands of pounds and years of trial and error I had to go through it would be worth every single day of sickness and disease I went through.

And that’s how you found me here today, ready to help you have your version of whatever transformation YOU want.

You see what qualifies me to help you isn’t just my list of snazzy credentials but the fact that I’ve experienced the lowest of the lows, I’ve been through hell and I got myself not just out of it, but in a state of absolute thriving! I can help you do the same, if you let me!

Head over to the health and life coaching sections to find out how I can help you today

So much love for you lovely,

Amanda xx