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Your lack of sticking to a diet / meal plan has NOTHING to do with will power.

Do you know that you could be on the perfect eating plan for you and still not follow it because of one thing:



Hi, I’m Amanda and I’m a certified life coach and health coach specialising in helping women free themselves from their emotional entrapment with food and start really LIVING!

You can read more about my story here but in a nutshell I was a chronic emotional eater and I was completely miserable. I was on every diet on the planet and each time, even when it was a ‘sustainable’ one, I couldn’t stick to it. I thought it was because something was wrong with me, ‘I’m not trying hard enough’, ‘I just need to be more focussed’, ‘I need to plan better’, ‘I need more willpower’ and while all of those things might have contributed to the horrendous relationship I had with food and my body, the elephant in the room was this:

I had an emotional attachment to food that ran so deep that no amount of food lists and meal plans were gonna cut it.  

I needed a complete mindset overhaul to have any chance of having a healthy relationship with food, and therefore my body and my life!  

So if you struggle with any of the below, then I can help you :-)


✔ You constantly seem to be starting healthy eating again every Monday

✔ You eat even when you are not hungry or you can’t stop when you are full

✔ You know what to do but you are just not doing it

✔ Food is on your mind A LOT

✔ There is some kind of emotional charge around food

✔ You eat foods that you know your body doesn’t appreciate

✔ You don’t feel like you have control over your eating

✔ Holidays, social events and weekends signal some kind of binge fest!

Any of those relate to you?

Yeah, I thought so otherwise you probably would have stopped reading already.

So now that we’ve identified that eating for emotions is probably what is stopping you from fully enjoying your beautiful life, here’s how I can help you:


We work one on one together for 5 months - yep, 5 months because anything less and you won’t see lasting results and I’m all about the long term!


You get 10 sessions split bi-weekly where I help you:

  • Rewire your brain and fix your relationship with food 

  • Experience what food freedom REALLY looks like

  • Eradicate ‘cheating’ and ‘falling off the wagon’ from your dictionary (and more importantly life experience!)

  • See how your mind is stopping you from getting you the results you want

  • Eat in a way that means you never have to calorie count again

  • Deal with cravings

  • Find exercise you LOVE that doesn’t feel like torture!

  • Develop a mindset that is bullet proof against set backs

  • See where you are getting stuck in your relationship with food and show you how to break the cycle

You will also get access to a full video training program which I’ve recorded for you which covers in depth self sabotage, emotional eating, foods that heal and foods that harm, detoxification, how to set yourself up for success – everything there is around mindset, nutrition and exercise is in there.


And at the end of our time together the type of results you can expect to see are:

  • No more food obsession – a sense of calm and peace around food

  • Increased energy so you can get through the day and get to do all the things you love

  • NEVER starting again on Monday – yay for sustainability!

  • No more yo-yo dieting – you can stick to one way of eating that works for YOU and be done with diets for LIFE

  • No more demonising food – you just eat - there is not good, bad, right, wrong, - it’s just about eating food that YOU love and enjoying life.

  • No more being at war with your body - you can just LIVE

  • Weight loss (if that’s a goal) - so you will feel more confident and comfortable in your body


Screen Shot 2019-08-12 at 14.04.38.png
Screen Shot 2019-08-12 at 14.05.29.png


Investment: 1 payment of £1800 or 5 monthly payments of £399

If you are ready to finally break free from your emotional attachment to food and have complete control and freedom in your life, schedule a free 30 minute session with me so we can chat through the specifics of your situation and we can see if we are a good fit